The Summit


The purpose of the InternetRetailing B2B Summit is to hear trusted insights on how B2B digital leaders are overcoming issues by identifying and exposing their different approaches to the same market challenges and opportunities. Respected voices from leaders will share their insights and experiences of successfully operating in this diverse continent.

The unique format of the summit is something that goes away from a traditional conference. Held under the Chatham House Rule, this highly immersive two-day event focuses on successful digital approaches and brings together high-level thinkers and practitioners for a dynamic and informative conversation in a relaxed and open, knowledge sharing environment.


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In each of these two 45 minute sessions one key B2B challenge will come under the spotlight:

  • 15 minutes are initially allocated to the speaker to introduce themselves and discuss the session topic.
  • The speaker will then pose one question to the audience for a 15-minute debate between the participants on tables
  • At the end of the 15 min debate the speaker picks three tables at random to give feedback on their discussions.
  • The session leader has 5 minutes to summarise and close.
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3 streams of 2 x 20 minute sessions in breakout rooms, led by solution providers who present a product, solution or the latest tech developments.

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These are open and intimate discussions with a specific focus on one of the chosen topics:

  • 2 x 25 mins minutes of group work. Each group encompasses 10 senior level directors
  • Each table is led by a moderator, the role of whom is to engage the group members to share their unique experience on the issues posed. Each moderator will run their session twice but with 2 different attending groups.
  • Places are limited and delegates are asked to confirm their attendance at desired table one week before the event
  • After the 1st session of 25 min’s the attendees will change tables to spend the next 25 min’s discussing another topic
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Fast-paced 40-minute sessions where the Chair (Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief, InternetRetailing) and the audience fire questions at the panelists to dive deep in to the issue and expose differing views. Be ready to contribute, as the panel will also engage the audience.


InternetRetailing UK B2B Summit is all about providing illuminating interactions between peer groups of senior level digital leaders. The event will challenge convention by:

  • Empowering leaders to discover, via open discussion and discourse with their peers, the solutions applicable to their business.
  • Providing attendees with information and insights that they can action for strategic and tactical gain.

In the high-level sharing of intelligence, the InternetRetailing B2B Summit seeks to explore key issues such as:

  • Overcoming the Pain Points of Digital Transformation
  • Managing Industrial Disruption in the Digital Age
  • How Digital is impacting and disrupting the traditional B2B business models and how companies are adapting to mitigate that
  • What B2B can learn from B2C Strategies
  • How B2B are winning in marketplaces
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Outcomes that can be quickly used for in-business benefit and advantage: knowledge and insight for real commercial gain.

The rare opportunity to interact with peers facing similar challenges, and to learn from their experiences.

Visionary talks to inspire and help craft future online strategy.


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