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Delegates including Amazon Business, RS Electrical Components, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Staples Europe, took part in the 1st InternetRetailing European B2B Summit held in Berlin, and discussed an extensive exchange of ideas for the future of commerce


It’s different from other conferences that I’ve been in because it’s much more interactive…We still continued to talk when the sessions were over, so it just shows you that there’s a lot of information to be shared and had with each other.

Marigale Walsh

Head of Marketing, Director Online Europe

The format of the summit is very interactive, I enjoyed it very much. We had a lot of opportunities to discuss the topics based on the experiences and sharing best practises, and also sharing the challenges we’re facing. That’s actually the most valuable part of the Summit, to learn from each other.

Winnie Palmer

Director, Digital Demand Centre, EMEA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Favourite part of the B2B Summit for me was meeting lots of new people, really senior executives from the digital space of really interesting companies. It’s a nice spread of different industries and also interesting to see that they face the same challenges.

Toralf Lahs

Country Manager UK & Ireland, Intershop

The companies that attended this conference are very unique, I felt like it was a special club. We met the right and relevant people for our business and it was very helpful to talk to the right decision making people.

Pascal Cohen

Strategic Consultant, SimilarWeb

It was really interesting, I met a lot of really nice people, I had good talks, I really enjoyed my time so far.

Sarah Hennecke

Country Manager UK & NI, Mister Spex GmbH

We have had a great time, I think a lot of it is to do with the network that you create. I think it’s been a wonderful community of like-minded retailers with that digital slant.

Victoria Betts

Omni Channel Director, Hotter



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